Your photographer: I’m an outdoor enthusiast and I love world travel. Photographing moments is my thing. I can’t resist good music and a hoppy IPA. I have a miniature schnauzer named Merle that hikes mountains and skis in my tracks. I love all Asian foods (sans creepy crawlers). A career test once told me I should be a florist...maybe some day. I love capturing connections—perhaps my favorite is that which humans share with the outdoors. << see some of that work here.

Our time together: I prefer that it feels more like we're just hanging out. I'm a big fan of doing rather than posing... so I might ask you to dance, I'll likely make a dumb joke, and I guarantee laughs.

Delivery: Turnaround for portrait sessions is about 2 weeks, and weddings is about 4 weeks.

How much? See pricing here

You probably have more questions, and I'm more than happy to answer them. If you want to chat over a coffee, beer, or game of pool--let's make it happen!